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About this specialty resource

The EQUATOR mission is to achieve accurate, complete, and transparent reporting of all health research studies to support research reproducibility and usefulness. Our work increases the value of health research and helps to minimise avoidable waste of financial and human investments in health research projects.

In addition to our main EQUATOR website we have begun compiling specialist collections of resources about reporting for individual specialties. We hope that these specialty resources will provide practical help to clinicians and researchers in the implementation of reporting guidelines within their research.

On-going activities

Current activities 2017

Future activities 2018-2019

EQUATOR Oncology ‘Advisory Group’
We will establish this group which will include experts and opinion leaders in oncology research: clinicians, oncologists, methodologists, editors, CR-UK and EQUATOR representatives who will oversee and inform the EQUATOR Oncology Project.

EQUATOR Oncology ‘Consultation Group’
This interdisciplinary group will be greater in number than the EQUATOR Oncology Advisory Group and members will be contacted by email. Members will advise us and inform the further development of our web-based resources.

We will perform a review of the available guidance on research conduct and reporting specific to oncology research. This review will inform the development of EQUATOR Oncology training resources; details of these resources will be posted on this webpage in due course.

Project staff

Professor Doug Altman, Director, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, Oxford, UK & Director UK EQUATOR Centre
Shona Kirtley, Senior Research Information Specialist, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, Oxford, UK
Angela MacCarthy, EQUATOR Research Fellow in Oncology Research Methodology, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, Oxford, UK


The development of this cancer-specific project within the EQUATOR Network is funded by Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

Contact us

We welcome your comments and suggestions on the development of this project. Please email us at: angela.maccarthy@ndorms.ox.ac.uk



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