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Editors of research publications

The following resources will help you to produce high quality research publications:shutterstock_9168622


Developing journal’s policies on research reporting

To help editors with selecting appropriate reporting guidelines to improve the accuracy and completeness of the research they publish, the EQUATOR Network has prepared a brief outline of the steps and issues editors might consider when introducing these guidelines into their journals:

The following guidance from our Library will be useful for developing or updating journals’ policies and instructions on research reporting:

Other useful resources:


Guidance for peer reviewersshutterstock_128051006

Reporting guidelines are useful tools for strengthening the peer review process. Journals should encourage peer reviewers to use them when assessing the completeness of reporting (Hirst & Altman, PLoS One).

Some steps to consider are listed here:

  • Simera I.: Reporting guidelines: a tool to increase completeness,transparency, and value of health research published in your journal. Chapter 5.6 (in proof) in Smart P., Maisonneuve H. and Polderman A. (eds) Science Editors’ Handbook European Association of Science Editors. www.ease.org.uk

Useful resources:

Examples of resources provided by publishers and journals:

Other resourcesOnline course peer review


  • Hames, I. (2007) Peer Review and Manuscript Management in Scientific Journals. Guidelines for Good Practice. Blackwell Publishing
  • Godlee, F. and Jefferson, T. (Eds) (2003). Peer Review in Health Sciences (second edition). BMJ Books, London

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Training Opportunities

  • A Repository of Ongoing Training Opportunities is available on the WAME website. It includes a list of ongoing training opportunities for authors of peer-reviewed scientific publications, manuscript peer reviewers, and editors of scientific journals.


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