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Comments we received

Comments we received

”This is an excellent resource for academic physicians.”
Diaa E.E. Rizk, Editor & Professor

”Congratulations! As an editor I needed this kind of support.”
Isabel Cruz, Editor

”Great initiative – well done for putting these resources together on one website and setting up a network.”
Chris Palmer, Director

”My first response is that EQUATOR Network seems like a timely resource for promoting excellence in research writing.”
Helen Newdick, Database Manager

”This is a great idea for a resource.”
Barbara Brisco, PhD student

”The EQUATOR network commitment in helping researchers to improve the quality of their scientific reports, really excited me! It seems a very pro-active way of learning, teaching, and improving science.”
Jos Miguel Dora

”I must say your website is the most helpful I have ever come across.”
Monica Gaidhane, Associate Editor