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13/07/2023 New resource for research teams to improve the reporting of implementation studies

In this blog post, Dr Louise Hull, an implementation research lead, discusses the development of a new resource to help improve the reporting of implementation studies.

05/10/2020 What is the little thing you can do to increase reproducibility, replicability and trust in science?

How can reporting quality interfere with reproducibility issues and overall trust in science results? With that question in mind, we participated in the Reproducibility, Replicability and Trust in Science conference organised by the Wellcome Genome Campus from 9 to 11 […]

23/09/2020 Why did we develop TIDieR-Placebo?

The TIDieR reporting guideline helps authors fully report their interventions, so that they can be used by others. However, TIDieR only explicitly covers active interventions, not placebo controls. The developers of the new TIDieR-Placebo extension explain why it is needed

17/01/2019 Exploring the endorsement of STROBE and its extensions by journals

In a previous post detailing my time with the EQUATOR Network, I spoke about my work on the STrengthening the Reporting of Observational Studies in Epidemiology (STROBE) statement. STROBE is one of the original “core” reporting guidelines which provides guidance […]

07/09/2018 A journalist in the EQUATOR Network

How did a journalist end up in the EQUATOR Network team? That is a question I hear very often: what is a journalist doing working among medical doctors and statisticians? What is your role?   Well, it started very early […]

03/04/2018 Fond farewells: Celebrating Iveta Simera’s decade with the EQUATOR Network

After ten years with the EQUATOR Network, Iveta Simera has moved on from her post as founding Deputy Director of the UK EQUATOR Centre, joining the Global Health Network. In this blog post, UK EQUATOR Centre Director Doug Altman summarises […]

05/03/2018 There and Back Again: My Placement with the EQUATOR Network

Melissa Sharp, a second-year doctoral research student in the Methods in Research on Research (MIROR) program, recently spent 3 months with the UK EQUATOR Centre. MIROR doctoral fellows earn joint doctorates from two EU universities and spend time at partner […]

19/09/2017 Doug Altman: thoughts on 28 years of the Peer Review Congress

I recently attended the 8th Congress on Peer Review in Chicago (10-12 September 2017). Unusually this event takes place only every 4 years, so this was the 8th such Congress in a series starting in 1989. I’m one of very […]

14/02/2017 Meeting the challenge of writing and publishing quality improvement research

Writing and publishing your QI work can be challenging.  Navigating the requirements for journals as well as knowing what to include in a published peer-reviewed report of QI can make the task even more difficult.  The Standards for Quality Improvement […]

02/11/2016 Addressing the reporting of pilot and feasibility trials with a brand new CONSORT extension

The insights gained from pilot and feasibility studies for informing the design of definitive studies cannot be contested and recent drives to reduce waste in research has pushed the advantages of conducting and reporting these studies into wider focus. Here, […]

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