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09/05/2016 Research Integrity and Peer Review: the Editors’ wish list

How can the journal Research Integrity and Peer Review advance research and publication? Daniel Shanahan (BioMed Central Associate Publisher) asked the Editors-in-Chief for their thoughts on what the challenges are, what needs to be changed, and what they’d like to […]

17/02/2016 It’s a kind of magic: how to improve adherence to reporting guidelines

Diana Marshall (Senior Managing Editor) and Daniel Shanahan (Associate Publisher) of BioMed Central introduce a pilot experiment starting at four BMC-series journals that aims to help authors find the relevant reporting guideline for their study. Science is facing a crisis. […]

16/02/2016 My journey to EQUATOR: There are no degrees of randomness

In the first of a new series celebrating 10 years of the EQUATOR Network, Doug Altman looks back and reflects on the key events and issues which led to its creation. In my first job at St Thomas’s Hospital Medical […]

09/10/2015 Introducing EQUATOR Oncology

We recently launched a new web page on the EQUATOR website describing EQUATOR Oncology which will produce online resources and guidance for researchers in the field of oncology

18/09/2015 Improving trial reporting: a Q and A with Isabelle Boutron and introduction to the COBWEB tool

Deputy Editor Claire Barnard talks to Isabelle Boutron about her research article published recently in BMC Medicine. Isabelle and her colleagues demonstrate that the COBWEB writing aid tool can improve the completeness of clinical trial reporting. Here, Prof Boutron answers our […]

14/08/2015 First EQUATOR Publication School a resounding success

The first cohort of the EQUATOR Publication School (6-10 July 2015) had goals many researchers can identify with: develop confidence in writing, fill in the gaps in a self-taught writer’s training, polish skills so as best to pass them on […]

31/03/2015 Reporting diagnostic accuracy studies: Evaluating 10 years of STARD

Daniël A. Korevaar & Jérémie F. Cohen, Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands Over 250 reporting guidelines are currently available in the EQUATOR library. One of the most established of these is the STARD […]

16/03/2015 Reducing publication bias in animal research

Elizabeth Moylan, Senior Editor at BioMed Central, writes about publication bias in animal research, the importance of publishing negative results, and the role of preclinical study registration. But is there a one-size solution that could fit all? This week the […]

23/01/2015 Planning a systematic review? Think protocols

            While much of the focus on reducing waste in research has been on primary studies, in particular clinical trials, systematic reviews and meta-analyses can compound the problem. Here, Larissa Shamseer, a PhD candidate in […]

06/01/2015 Introducing the Transparent Reporting of a Multivariable Prediction Model for Individual Prognosis or Diagnosis Initiative: The TRIPOD Statement

Gary Collins, Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford introduces TRIPOD. Decisions based on clinical predictions are routinely made throughout medicine and at all stages in pathways of health care.  For example, […]

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