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EQUATOR Network automatic website translation

The EQUATOR Network website currently uses a WordPress automatic translation plug-in to allow on demand translation of the website content into over 100 different languages. The plug-in is based on the Google Translate functionality.

The translation function is located at the top of the EQUATOR website.

Google Translate logo

Click on the Google Translate button to open up the translation options banner.

Google Translate menu banner.



To use click on the drop-down menu arrow next to ‘English’, select the language that you would like to translate the website to and then click on the ‘translate’ button.

To return to the English language version of the website at any time click on the ‘show original’ button (only visible when a page has been translated).

To turn off the translation option please select the ‘options’ drop-down menu button and select ‘turn off translation for this site’.

Please note:

Please contact Shona Kirtley if you have any comments or questions about the translations or would like to report a problem with the translation plug-in. We are keen to hear your thoughts about the automatic translation of our website content.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) has provided the support for implementing automatic translations of this website.

PAHO logo