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19/05/2022 How to Report Light Exposure in Human Chronobiology and Sleep Research Experiments 04/05/2022 EVIDENCE Publication Checklist for Studies Evaluating Connected Sensor Technologies: Explanation and Elaboration 10/03/2022 Smartphone-Delivered Ecological Momentary Interventions Based on Ecological Momentary Assessments to Promote Health Behaviors: Systematic Review and Adapted Checklist for Reporting Ecological Momentary Assessment and Intervention Studies 14/08/2018 Systems Perspective of Amazon Mechanical Turk for Organizational Research: Review and Recommendations 23/10/2016 Improving the reporting quality of nonrandomized evaluations of behavioral and public health interventions: the TREND statement 19/08/2016 Guidelines for Reporting Articles on Psychiatry and Heart rate variability (GRAPH): recommendations to advance research communication 29/04/2016 The Single-Case Reporting Guideline In BEhavioural Interventions (SCRIBE) 2016 Statement 07/03/2016 Guidelines for the reporting of treatment trials for alcohol use disorders 08/01/2016 Developing a methodological framework for organisational case studies: a rapid review and consensus development process 14/10/2015 A checklist to improve reporting of group-based behaviour-change interventions

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