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18/09/2023 Community-developed checklists for publishing images and image analyses 10/07/2023 CHEERS Value of Information (CHEERS-VOI) Reporting Standards – Explanation and Elaboration 20/06/2023 Initial Standardized Framework for Reporting Social Media Analytics in Emergency Care Research 20/06/2023 The adapted Autobiographical interview: A systematic review and proposal for conduct and reporting 16/06/2023 Paediatric Ureteroscopy (P-URS) reporting checklist: a new tool to aid studies report the essential items on paediatric ureteroscopy for stone disease 16/06/2023 Adult Ureteroscopy (A-URS) Checklist: A New Tool To Standardise Reporting in Endourology 02/06/2023 Recommendations for the development, implementation, and reporting of control interventions in efficacy and mechanistic trials of physical, psychological, and self-management therapies: the CoPPS Statement 18/05/2023 Reporting Eye-tracking Studies In DEntistry (RESIDE) checklist 17/05/2023 iCHECK-DH: Guidelines and Checklist for the Reporting on Digital Health Implementations 16/05/2023 New reporting items and recommendations for randomized trials impacted by COVID-19 and force majeure events: a targeted approach

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