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01/08/2022 A Reporting Tool for Adapted Guidelines in Health Care: The RIGHT-Ad@pt Checklist 04/05/2022 An extension of the RIGHT statement for introductions and interpretations of clinical practice guidelines: RIGHT for INT 04/08/2017 GRIPP2 reporting checklists: tools to improve reporting of patient and public involvement in research 14/02/2017 Guidance on Conducting and REporting DElphi Studies (CREDES) in palliative care: Recommendations based on a methodological systematic review 16/01/2017 A Reporting Tool for Practice Guidelines in Health Care: The RIGHT Statement 15/01/2017 The AGREE Reporting Checklist: a tool to improve reporting of clinical practice guidelines 16/02/2016 Reporting standards for guideline-based performance measures 05/07/2013 Standardized reporting of clinical practice guidelines: a proposal from the Conference on Guideline Standardization

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