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MPIP publishes credibility gap recommendations – 3 May 2012


The Medical Publishing Insights and Practices Initiative (MPIP) has recently published ten recommendations for closing the credibility gap in reporting industry-sponsored clinical research. The recommendations have been drawn up following a meeting held in 2010, with 23 journal editors and industry representatives, where key elements of the credibility gap in industry-sponsored clinical research were defined and potential solutions proposed. The 10 recommendations encompass the ‘top 10’ opportunities for improvement identified by meeting attendees.

Recommendations to close the credibility gap

  • Answer clinically important questions
  • Report all results
  • Improve COI disclosure
  • Educate authors on manuscript development
  • End ghost writing and guest authorship
  • Improve adverse event reporting
  • Provide access to protocols
  • Report statistical methods transparently
  • Ensure authors can access study data
  • Support sharing of prior reviews

More detailed information, including the rationale for each of the 10 recommendations, is available from the MPIP website


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