Enhancing the QUAlity and Transparency Of health Research

Pre-conference workshop: Key guidelines for reporting health research studies


On Wednesday 10th October 2012 the EQUATOR Network will hold a pre-symposium workshop from 13:00 until 16:30 in the Historisches Kaufhaus in Freiburg, Germany.

Transparent and accurate reporting of research findings is a necessary component of good research practice. Acquiring a sound knowledge of the principles of high quality reporting of various types of health research is crucial for researchers and professionals involved in the publication of medical research.

This workshop will provide an overview of the major scientific and ethical issues relating to the quality of health research reporting. Key reporting guidelines as well as examples of good and bad research reports will be discussed. Information about how reporting guidelines can help researchers to design, write and peer review research will be presented. New knowledge acquired during the workshop should benefit professionals in various positions involved in the conduct and publication of health research.

Target audience: Health research scientists and all professionals involved in conducting, supporting or publishing health related research.

Learning objectives:
1. Understand the importance of transparency and accuracy in reporting health research and be familiar with common deficiencies in the reporting of randomised controlled trials (RCTs), systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and observational studies
2. Understand the key concepts of reporting guidelines and their efficient use
3. Learn about the main elements of selected reporting guidelines: CONSORT (reporting RCTs); PRISMA (reporting systematic reviews and meta-analyses) and STROBE (reporting epidemiological studies)
4. Understand and efficiently use the EQUATOR Network online resources
5. Discuss the practical implementation of reporting guidelines in health research organisations

Professor Doug Altman, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford, UK
Dr John Hoey, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada
Professor Ana Marusic, University of Split, Croatia
Dr David Moher, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Ottawa, Canada
Dr Kenneth F. Schulz, Family Health International, Durham, USA
Dr Iveta Simera, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford, UK

Registration fee: 50 Euro

Contact: Mrs Brigitte Weber (weber@cochrane.de) or Dr Iveta Simera (iveta.simera@csm.ox.ac.uk)

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