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Introducing EQUATOR Oncology


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We recently launched a new web page on the EQUATOR website describing EQUATOR Oncology.

This project will produce online resources and guidance for researchers in the field of oncology. I am funded by Cancer Research UK to work on this first disease-specific project within the EQUATOR network. It is very exciting to be part of the development of resources for cancer, as we envisage that this online resource will act as a model for the development of resources for other disease-specific areas.

We are starting with the compilation of online resources for the design and reporting of randomised controlled trials in oncology. Once these are completed, EQUATOR Oncology will provide resources for other areas of oncology research, such as epidemiological, diagnostic and prognostic research.

At the moment we are carrying out a literature review to identify problematic issues in the reporting and design of randomised controlled cancer trials. The CONSORT statement provides excellent guidance for reporting randomised trials in general http://www.consort-statement.org/. However, there are some particular issues related to trials in oncology that need specific guidance, such as the selection of clinical endpoints and the analysis of survival data.  The completed review will inform the future development of our resources for researchers.

We hope that the EQUATOR Oncology online resources will be of interest to bodies funding research in oncology, as our overall aim is to improve the quality of research in this area of medicine.

The project is at an early stage of development. We warmly welcome the input of researchers, trial co-ordinators, trial nurses and principal investigators in the development of these resources. We want the EQUATOR Oncology resources to meet the needs of all those involved in trials, and we need your valuable perspectives on the issues we are trying to address.

During the development of the resource we would like to bring to your attention a variety of useful references and links, therefore the web page will be updated regularly, so please do keep checking back. Once the oncology resource is launched we will promote it widely.


Angela MacCarthy, EQUATOR Research Fellow in Oncology Research Methodology. Email: angela.maccarthy@ndorms.ox.ac.uk


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