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Two research integrity conferences in Colorado this summer


photoColorado State University has a long-standing reputation for ethical conduct of research in all areas and takes pride in the quality and quantity of research performed on its campuses. The Research Integrity & Compliance Review Office (RICRO) provides assistance to researchers, staff, and the faculty oversight committees in maintaining an ethical environment for activities in the following research and teaching areas.

RICRO is hosting two conferences in Colorado this summer.

The 2016 2nd National Data Integrity Conference will take place 2-3 June in Denver.  It will be a gathering of people sharing new challenges and solutions regarding research data and integrity. It aims to provide attendees with both an understanding of data integrity issues and practical tools and skills to deal with them. Topics addressed will include data privacy, openness, policy, education and the impacts of sharing data: how to do it, when to do it, and when not to.

Funded by the US Dept. Health and Human Services, Office of Research Integrity and CSU, Retractions Conference will take place on 20-21st July in Fort Collins, CO. Join us for a discussion with researchers, journal editors, universities, Research Integrity Officers, and those from the ORI, NSF, and Watchdog groups to discuss how to identify fraudulent submissions, whistleblowing, responsibility and ethics, retraction notices, and relevant forensic tools.

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