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Get your research published and be praised for it! EQUATOR workshop, Oxford 21 June 2016


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The EQUATOR Network is delighted to be hosting a practical workshop on 21 June 2016 in association with the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine and Evidence Live 2016.

We have a great line-up of confirmed speakers:

Doug Altman, Gary Collins, Ben Goldacre, Jo Silva, Iveta Simera, and Elizabeth (Liz) Wager

Over the past decades, rigorous methods of research synthesis and the movement to apply evidence to medical practice has shone a very bright light on the health research literature.   Researchers and methodologists have found that many primary studies are so badly reported it’s impossible to assess their methodological quality or use the findings in systematic reviews.  In short, the literature is not fit for purpose.

Public funds are wasted because of bad reporting or non-reporting of research, the goodwill of research participants is betrayed, and patients’ care is compromised.

EQUATOR Evidence Live workshop programmeThe workshop programme (PDF), aimed primarily at clinician-researchers, focuses on practical steps you can take to ensure that:-

  1. Your research is prioritized, conceived and designed efficiently
  2. All stages of your research are documented accurately, reported and shared fully, and can be placed in context of previous work.
  3. Time and resources invested in your research can be translated into improved healthcare, supported by trustworthy evidence.

There will be talks, discussion and several practical (and fun!) exercises highlighting:

  • How ambiguous and incomplete reporting misleads clinicians and harm patients
  • How good planning, design and methods help with your writing
  • How reporting guidelines and other EQUATOR resources can help researchers, editors and peer reviewers work as a team to improve the literature.
  • How to sail through methodological and statistical review unscathed
  • Learn from medical publications professionals and communications experts to make your message soar.


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