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UK EQUATOR Centre Publication School: November 2020 (online)


Now online! 10-13 November 2020, 13:00-16:30 GMT

Course now full: waiting list only


The UK EQUATOR Centre’s Publication School is designed for early-career researchers and students. It aims to give you a smooth writing process that results in a published article that is fit for purpose.

It broke academic writing for publication down into really manageable and achievable guidance points. Made me less worried about writing my next article!

June 2019 participant

You’ll experience four afternoons of learning led by methodological and writing experts from the UK EQUATOR Centre and the Centre for Statistics in Medicine. Through group work, discussion, and practical exercises, we cover everything you need to know to plan, write, and publish your health-related research study.


Course content

Excellent scope – right the way from authorship and journal selection to submission/peer review/dissemination – not just the bits in the middle!

June 2018 participant

  • Planning your message and audience
  • Negotiating authorship
  • Choosing a journal and avoiding predators
  • Good writing style and habits
  • What to write where: recipes for a successful introduction, methods, results, and discussion
  • Using reporting guidelines
  • Revising your work for simplicity, clarity and completeness
  • Summarising your article in an effective title and abstract
  • Submission and dealing with peer review
  • Disseminating your article after publication



Tuesday 10 – Friday 13 November 2020

Would definitely recommend to those starting out in a research career

November 2019 participant

For the first time, the course will be held live over Zoom. Participants will need to have Zoom downloaded, rather than using the browser version, as we will be using registrations. We will teach using shared slides, webcam, and audio. We’re excited to maintain the highly interactive nature of Publication School in this online format, with all-group discussion and small-group exercises and discussion. Participants will be welcome to use text chat, mic, and/or webcam in the main room, but will need at least a mic for small-group work in breakout rooms.

Sessions will run 13:00-16:30 GMT, with regular comfort breaks.

As one of the things previous participants have enjoyed about Publication School is the chance to meet other early-career researchers, participants will have the option to stay on until ~17:00 each day for informal conversation.

We do not plan to record the sessions, but participants will receive the electronic course workbook with all notes and exercises. We are investigating whether we can offer live captions for the sessions.

Places are limited and will be allocated in order of application.



£90: University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes students / NDORMS staff

£160: University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes staff / students of other universities

£320: Staff of other academic institutions, non-profits, and the NHS

£450: Commercial


Registration – waiting list only

Contact the UK EQUATOR Centre (equator@csm.ox.ac.uk) to discuss eligibility and join the waiting list.

Find more course dates here.

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