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19/05/2022 Reporting guideline for the early-stage clinical evaluation of decision support systems driven by artificial intelligence: DECIDE-AI 17/03/2022 Standardized Reporting of Machine Learning Applications in Urology: The STREAM-URO Framework 11/03/2021 Artificial intelligence in dental research: Checklist for authors, reviewers, readers 02/10/2020 Proposed Requirements for Cardiovascular Imaging-Related Machine Learning Evaluation (PRIME): A Checklist: Reviewed by the American College of Cardiology Healthcare Innovation Council 02/10/2020 Minimum information about clinical artificial intelligence modeling: the MI-CLAIM checklist 09/09/2020 Guidelines for clinical trial protocols for interventions involving artificial intelligence: the SPIRIT-AI Extension 09/09/2020 Reporting guidelines for clinical trial reports for interventions involving artificial intelligence: the CONSORT-AI Extension

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