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13/06/2024 Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards for Interventions that use Artificial Intelligence (CHEERS-AI) 15/04/2024 The PICOTS-ComTeC Framework for Defining Digital Health Interventions: An ISPOR Special Interest Group Report 18/10/2023 ESMO Guidance for Reporting Oncology real-World evidence (GROW) 10/10/2023 MINIMAR (MINimum Information for Medical AI Reporting): Developing reporting standards for artificial intelligence in health care 10/10/2023 Presenting artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning studies to clinicians and healthcare stakeholders: an introductory reference with a guideline and a Clinical AI Research (CAIR) checklist proposal 09/05/2023 CheckList for EvaluAtion of Radiomics research (CLEAR): a step-by-step reporting guideline for authors and reviewers endorsed by ESR and EuSoMII 05/04/2023 Recommendations for Reporting Machine Learning Analyses in Clinical Research 23/03/2023 Checklist for Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging (CLAIM): 2024 Update 19/05/2022 Reporting guideline for the early-stage clinical evaluation of decision support systems driven by artificial intelligence: DECIDE-AI 17/03/2022 Standardized Reporting of Machine Learning Applications in Urology: The STREAM-URO Framework

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