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03/02/2021 The reporting checklist for public versions of guidelines: RIGHT-PVG 22/01/2020 PaCIR: A tool to enhance pharmacist patient care intervention reporting 07/02/2018 Guidelines for Inclusion of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Clinical Trial Protocols: The SPIRIT-PRO Extension 11/01/2018 Standards for UNiversal reporting of patient Decision Aid Evaluation studies: the development of SUNDAE Checklist 04/08/2017 GRIPP2 reporting checklists: tools to improve reporting of patient and public involvement in research 12/02/2016 Guidelines for reporting embedded recruitment trials 29/01/2015 A proposed taxonomy of terms to guide the clinical trial recruitment process 10/07/2013 Assessing and reporting heterogeneity in treatment effects in clinical trials: a proposal 10/07/2013 Statistics in medicine–reporting of subgroup analyses in clinical trials 05/07/2013 Development and use of reporting guidelines for assessing the quality of validation studies of health administrative data

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