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11/11/2022 Evidence-based statistical analysis and methods in biomedical research (SAMBR) checklists according to design features 03/11/2022 How to Report Data on Bilateral Procedures and Other Issues with Clustered Data: The CLUDA Reporting Guidelines 12/10/2022 Bayesian Analysis Reporting Guidelines 31/05/2022 Reporting standards for psychological network analyses in cross-sectional data 19/05/2022 Methodological standards for conducting and reporting meta-analyses: Ensuring the replicability of meta-analyses of pharmacist-led medication review 26/04/2022 Rasch Reporting Guideline for Rehabilitation Research (RULER): The RULER Statement 14/02/2022 Early phase clinical trials extension to guidelines for the content of statistical analysis plans 23/06/2021 Journal article reporting standards for quantitative research in psychology: The APA Publications and Communications Board task force report 23/10/2017 Graphics and statistics for cardiology: designing effective tables for presentation and publication 14/07/2017 A review of published analyses of case-cohort studies and recommendations for future reporting

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