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Is our UK Centre’s Publication School changing practice?


After 5 years of delivering its Publication School, our UK EQUATOR Centre is evaluating the effects of this education initiative on authors’ lives and practice.

The UK EQUATOR Centre’s Publication School is designed to support early-career researchers and students in health research to improve their academic writing and dissemination skills. PubSchool, as it is affectionately nicknamed, was offered as a 5-day course in Oxford in 2015-2017 and as a 2-day course in Oxford since 2018. Our Australian and Canadian Centres have since also delivered their versions of Publication School. You can read more about the programme’s history here.

UK PubSchool has evolved over its 5-year history based on short-term feedback from participants, with elements such as length, format, and interactive components changing. The team are now evaluating whether the course has successfully supported alumni over the long-term. Alumni have been asked to share their academic writing and dissemination activities and practice in an online survey.

If you are a past UK PubSchool student and have not yet received an invitation to share your experiences, please get in touch at equator@csm.ox.ac.uk to update your details and request a link to the online survey!

The UK EQUATOR Centre’s Publication School will be presented at the EQUATOR-REWARD Conference in February 2020, during the “Improving research: Early career researchers and education” session.


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