Enhancing the QUAlity and Transparency Of health Research

ICML EAHIL 2017 CEC6 Librarian Workshop


Librarians can help address reporting concerns in the biomedical literature, particularly for systematic reviews


Workshop held on Monday 12 June 2017 in Dublin, Ireland.

The full workshop programme is available at: CEC6 Programme

Workshop slides
Please find below links to all the slides [pdf format] from the workshop:

1. Introduction and workshop objectives
2. Types and characteristics of documents and overview of systematic reviews
3. Common deficiencies in research reporting
4. Scale of the problem
5. Consequences of poor reporting
6. What are reporting guidelines and how can they help address deficiencies in reporting, particularly for systematic reviews and literature searching
7. How can librarians promote reporting guidelines and support the reporting of systematic reviews

Below are links [pdf format] to the issues/ideas captured during the group discussion sessions:
Group discussion of common deficiencies in research reporting
Group discussion of barriers and consequences
Group discussion of what can we do to help improve research reporting
Group discussion ideas for key actions or new activities/services that we can take/implement in our libraries to help to address reporting issues


EQUATOR Network Action Plans for Librarians

Librarian Action Plan: Simple Ideas [download a pdf of the Librarian Action Plan: Simple Ideas]
This action plan highlights some simple and easy to implement ideas for librarians to try out in their libraries.

Librarian Action Plan: Targeted Actions [download a pdf of the Librarian Action Plan: Targeted Actions]
This action plan promotes more in-depth targeted actions that librarians could take to directly respond to specific recommendations made in either the Lancet Waste Series or in the recent Manifesto for Reproducible Science.


Please do email with any questions or for further information following this workshop: shona.kirtley@csm.ox.ac.uk