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The EQUATOR Network works to improve the reliability and value of medical research literature by promoting transparent and accurate reporting of research studies.

Our Toolkits support different user groups, including:


Information and resources for authors


Information and resources for editors and peer reviewers


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EQUATOR highlights

6/01/2016 - The EQUATOR Network – have we helped you? Tell us your story!

We need you

We would like to know how EQUATOR has helped YOU to improve your work: What have you used on our site? How have you used it? How has it helped you? …and anything else you’d like to tell us! Please … Read More

17/12/2015 - The EQUATOR wizard: a new tool to help authors find the right reporting guideline


As was recently revealed in a PLOS Medicine editorial, The EQUATOR Network is delighted to be working with innovative start-up Penelope Research who have released a new tool to help authors find and use reporting guidelines. Journals encourage authors to adhere to … Read More

Interesting videos

What’s new in GPP3?

GPP3 Liz Wager

Liz Wager talks about the newly published GPP3 guidelines and highlights the changes that feature in the update to these guidelines.

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Towards truth in published research

Truth published research John Ioannidis

Professor John Ioannidis talks about replication and transparency of published research findings at the PLOS Medicine 10th Anniversary Symposium.

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Latest guest blogger

Introducing the EQUATOR Oncology Project

Cancer Research UK logo 9/10/2015

We recently launched a new web page on the EQUATOR website describing the EQUATOR Oncology Project which will produce online resources and guidance for researchers in the field of oncology Read More