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How to integrate reporting guidelines in your journal’s workflow

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Thank you for exploring the world of reporting guidelines and journals. Wherever your journal is in the journey to fight research waste, we’re here to support you with tools and resources. This toolkit will help you:

  • Get practical resources to facilitate the incorporation of reporting guidelines into your journal
  • Get technical solutions to improve the use of reporting guidelines by your authors
  • Help spread the word about the consequences of bad reporting

Brand new to the idea of reporting guidelines? Read more about the problems in health research today and how it affects all stakeholders, including journals.

Unsure about the efficacy of reporting guidelines and how they fit into journals? Read about some common myths and misconceptions about reporting guidelines, and evidence for why they work and hear from some journals successfully using reporting guidelines today.

Excited about reporting guidelines and ready for the next step? Read about formulating an implementation plan with your journal and the four kinds of implementation plans we offer tools for.

Implementation plan ready? Here’s some suggestions for introducing your authors, peer reviewers, and readers to the new policy.

Time to implement reporting guidelines at your journal? We’ve got tools and templates for you to incorporate into your workflow.

We hope you find the contents of this toolkit helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with the EQUATOR Network team by email, on Twitter, or on Facebook. We welcome any extra tools or case studies that you would like to contribute from your journal!