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Reporting guidelines under development

The EQUATOR Network encourages registration of all reporting guidelines and extensions under development to raise awareness and help to prevent duplication. Planned guidelines are listed by study design, with the year of registration or project initiation on brackets.

Registration of a reporting guideline under development and inclusion on this web page does not imply endorsement by the EQUATOR Network. The contents of the reporting guidelines under development listed here are their authors’ responsibility.

Register your planned guideline using this form: MS Word or PDF.

Visit our toolkit on how to develop a reporting guideline for essential information and advice.


Guidelines are currently being developed for:

Clinical trials and CONSORT extensions [14]

Clinical trial protocols and SPIRIT extensions [2]

Systematic reviews, systematic reviews-related papers and PRISMA extensions [10]

Observational studies and STROBE extensions [9]

Other study designs and clinical areas [25]


Page last updated on 23 January 2019



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