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The EQUATOR Network works to improve the reliability and value of medical research literature by promoting transparent and accurate reporting of research studies.

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EQUATOR highlights

16/04/2014 - The STROBE Statement webinar recording now available

The recording of the EQUATOR – PAHO March 2014 webinar on the STROBE Statement Read More

17/03/2014 - Scientific meeting and the EQUATOR Annual Lecture 2014, 16 May 2014, Paris, France

The INSERM-Sorbonne Paris Cite Epidemiology and Statistics Research Centre in collaboration with the EQUATOR Network will be hosting a one-day scientific meeting: “Improving reporting to decrease the waste of research”. The aim of the meeting is to bring important issues … Read More

24/10/2013 - Declaration of transparency

A BMJ editorial published today proposes that authors of research papers are asked to sign a declaration that their paper is not misleading. The scientific community and the public at large deserve an accurate and complete record of research. However, … Read More

Interesting videos

CONSORT Statement guidance for reporting randomised trials

 Doug Altman, Director of the Centre for Statistics in Medicine and one of the CONSORT group leaders introduces the CONSORT Statement guidance for reporting randomised trials

Watch the video on Youtube

TIDieR – better reporting of interventions

Tidier Introducing a new guideline providing a template for better description of interventions

Watch the video on Youtube

Latest guest blogger

Can librarians contribute to increasing value and reducing waste in medical research?

Shona Kirtley - image for Blog 28/02/2014

The recently published Lancet series on waste in biomedical research provides a fascinating and thought provoking glimpse into the complex world of medical research and the myriad of issues that can disrupt completion and use of high quality research Read More