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Guidelines for reporting reliability and agreement studies (GRRAS) were proposed

Reporting guideline provided for?
(i.e. exactly what the authors state in the paper)
Reliability and agreement studies.


Full bibliographic reference Kottner J, Audigé L, Brorson S, Donner A, Gajeweski BJ, Hróbjartsson A, Robersts C, Shoukri M, Streiner DL. Guidelines for reporting reliability and agreement studies (GRRAS) were proposed.

J Clin Epidemiol.  2011;64(1):96-106 PMID: 21130355
Int J Nurs Stud. 2011;48(6):661-671. PMID: 21514934
Language English
Reporting guideline acronym GRRAS
Study design Reliability and agreement studies
Applies to the whole report or to individual sections of the report? Whole report
Record last updated on January 14, 2022


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