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Improving research practice in rat orthotopic and partial orthotopic liver transplantation: a review, recommendation, and publication guide

Reporting guideline provided for?
(i.e. exactly what the authors state in the paper)
Reporting in vivo experiments in the field of experimental transplantation research, with a special focus on rat OLT and P-OLT.
Full bibliographic reference Czigány Z, Iwasaki J, Yagi S, Nagai K, Szijártó A, Uemoto S, Tolba RH. Improving Research Practice in Rat Orthotopic and Partial Orthotopic Liver Transplantation: A Review, Recommendation, and Publication Guide. Eur Surg Res. 2015;55(1-2):119-138.
Language English
PubMed ID 26228574
Study design Animal pre-clinical research
Clinical area Hepatology
Applies to the whole report or to individual sections of the report? Whole report
Record last updated on March 22, 2016


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