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The SUPER reporting guideline suggested for reporting of surgical technique

Reporting guideline provided for?
(i.e. exactly what the authors state in the paper)
Reporting of surgical technique.
Full bibliographic reference Zhang K, Ma Y, Wu J, Shi Q, Barchi LC, Scarci M, Petersen RH, Ng CSH, Hochwald S, Waseda R, Davoli F, Fruscio R, Levi Sandri GB, Gonzalez M, Wei B, Piessen G, Shen J, Zhang X, Jiao P, He Y, Novoa NM, Bedetti B, Gilbert S, Sihoe ADL, Toker A, Fiorelli A, Jimenez MF, Lerut T, Oo AY, Li GS, Tang X, Lu Y, Elkhayat H, Štupnik T, Laisaar T, Abu Akar F, Gonzalez-Rivas D, Su Z, Qiu B, Wang SD, Chen Y, Gao S. The SUPER reporting guideline suggested for reporting of surgical technique. HepatoBiliary Surg Nutr 2023;12(4):534-544.
Language English
PubMed ID 37601001
Relevant URLs
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Explanation and elaboration papers
Zhang K, Wu J, Su Z, Ma Y, Shi Q, Barchi LC, Laisaar T, Ng CSH, Gilbert S, Zhang X, Štupnik T, Lerut T, Jiao P, Elkhayat H, Novoa NM, Fruscio R, Waseda R, Petersen RH, Fiorelli A, Sihoe ADL, Gonzalez-Rivas D, Scarci M, Jimenez MF, Li GS, Tang X, Wang SD, Chen Y. The SUPER reporting guideline suggested for reporting of surgical technique: explanation and elaboration. Gland Surg. 2023;12(6):749-766. PMID: 37441012

Reporting guideline website URL https://www.thesuper.org/
Reporting guideline acronym SUPER
Study design Clinical trials, Experimental studies, Observational studies
Clinical area Surgery
Applies to the whole report or to individual sections of the report? Intervention (exposure)
Additional information The SUPER guideline development protocol is available at:
Zhang K, Ma Y, Shi Q, Wu J, Shen J, He Y, Zhang X, Jiao P, Li GS, Tang X, Petersen RH, Ng CSH, Fiorelli A, Novoa NM, Bedetti B, Levi Sandri GB, Hochwald S, Lerut T, Sihoe ADL, Barchi LC, Gilbert S, Waseda R, Toker A, Gonzalez-Rivas D, Fruscio R, Scarci M, Davoli F, Piessen G, Qiu B, Wang SD, Chen Y, Gao S. Developing the surgical technique reporting checklist and standards: a study protocol. Gland Surg. 2021;10(8):2591-2599. PMID: 34527570

The scoping review that informed development of the SUPER guideline is available at:
Shi Q, Ma Y, Zhang X, Jiao P, Zhang K, Barchi LC, Bedetti B, Wu J, Wei B, Ng CSH, Toker A, Shen J, Fruscio R, Gilbert S, Petersen RH, Hochwald S, Štupnik T, Elkhayat H, Scarci M, Levi Sandri GB, Abu Akar F, Waseda R, Sihoe ADL, Fiorelli A, Gonzalez M, Davoli F, Li GS, Tang X, Qiu B, Wang SD, Chen Y, Gao S. Reporting guidelines for surgical technique could be improved: A scoping review and a call for action. J Clin Epidemiol. 2022:S0895-4356(22)00298-0. PMID: 36574532 and the scoping review protocol is at PMID: 34422603

Record last updated on August 29, 2023


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